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Gymnastic rollable carpet bonded foam mats

A gymnastics track is a laminate composed of several layers of polyethylene foam covered with non-woven fabric.

Gymnastics tracks are used to compose boards for gymnasts and acrobats.
All you need to do is make a square from several tracks – e.g. six 2-metre by twelve-metre tracks will make up a 12×12-metre mat – on a floor with cushioning properties.
These products are offered with two types of lining – Standard and Super.
The latter more expensive option can be certified by gymnastics federations, which means it can be used at prominent events.
The typical and maximum width of a single track is two metres. The tracks are usually 2-5 cm thick.
A fibreglass mesh can be used for additional reinforcement of the tracks.
We also have a incisioned version – FLEXI – to make it easier to roll the tracks out or up.
These products are offered in form of rolls, panels, and puzzles.
Gymnastics tracks are designed for indoor use due to their limited resistance to UV rays.
These products should be used barefoot. Using the mat in everyday footwear is not recommended. You can use the mat in appropriate athletic footwear, but you will still wear it out much faster.