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Orthopaedic and footwear accessories

Foam (expanded plastic) is soft and flexible (or rigid and hard – as required), which makes it perfect for orthopaedic products.

As it has an extensive range of potential properties, foam is used in orthopaedic equipment for various purposes.

Foam elements compose the soft parts of rigid orthotic braces to separate the hard frame from the body and increase the patient’s comfort level.

  • Flexible orthotic braces (supporting knees, elbows, or ankles) are equipped with soft but stretchable materials like neoprene foam.

  • Pressure pads (like the ones found in hernia belts) utilise foams of medium resilience and firmness.

  • Pads and wedges (as insole accessories) are made of hard foam, which is resistant to crushing and permanent deformation.

  • Orthopaedic collars and corsets require rigid foams.

You can adjust foam parameters such as hardness, softness, rigidity, and flexibility through selection and modification of the materials for production purposes.

The applied foams have a closed-cell or open-cell structure, depending on the needs.

Numerous types of foams are safe to use in direct contact with the body.

Components of orthopaedic products can be manufactured with cutting, routing, or thermoforming technologies. Self-adhesive versions are available as well.