Our Offer

Thermoformed products

  We manufacture a wide variety of thermoformed elements from thermoplastic foams such as polyethylene or EVA, offering a complete spectrum of density (ranging from 15 to 350 kg/m³) and hardness (from very soft to as hard as 60° Shore A). We can also add textile lining in order to enforce the surface, increase durability, and adapt the product for stitching. Our foams have a closed-cell structure, which means that they do not absorb water or sweat and retain their properties for a long time.

    Due to their unique properties, they find extensive application in many areas, including the following:

  • orthopaedics – pads, orthotic padding, orthopaedic collars, orthopaedic insoles

  • footwear – insoles, vamps and shanks

  • clothing – protective elements for athletic clothing, protective pads (for elbows, knees), “light armour” elements

  • other civil and military equipment – protective helmet inserts, backpack elements (harness, back, straps), accessory etuis, shock absorption elements for bulletproof vests, armours, shields

  • medical and rehabilitation – rehabilitation equipment seats and backrests

  • sports – protective athletic pads, protective elbow pads, protective knee pads, baseball cap and helmet inserts

  • LARP – equipment elements such as hilts, handles, armour and shield elements

  • recreation – portable foldable mats and seats, removable kayak seats and backrests

  • packaging – trays, accessory etuis, boxes, insulation caps

  • other – drawer inserts (e.g. for cutlery), table pads, numerous other purposes