Our Offer

3-axis plotters

  • Cutting out forms from flat materials (2-2.5D).
  • Cutting out cavities, contours.
  • Maximum cut thickness: 100 mm.
  • Material hardness up to 60 Shore A

Multi-axis plotters (up to six axes)

  • Cutting out three-dimensional (3D) shapes.
  • Cutting out slanted non-developable cavities.

Contour saw

  • Computer numerical control (CNC) device used to cut out contours (including curvilinear) in materials with maximum thickness of 600 mm. Minimum radius: 2-5 mm – depending on the type of the cut material.

Wire cutting

  • Three-dimensional (3D) processing. Cutting in 3 to 5 axes of materials with thickness up to 300 mm.