Our offer


Our foams are used in various types of packaging – inserts for presenters, tool cases, boxes and cartons, as well as elements securing transported items. However, their use extends to a wide range of products in many different industries.

Technologies and services

The basic activities related to processing include the appropriate preparation of input material. In order to obtain its appropriate thickness, two basic technologies are used: lamination and delamination. It can then be further processed – CNC cutting and milling, die-cutting, thermoforming and adhesive coating.


Closed-cell foams:
EVA ; PE ; PP ; P.A. ; EPDM ; CR – neoprene and silicone
Open-cell foams:
melamine – BASOTECT, micro-cellular polyurethane – PORON, Norseal, “memory” PU – CONFOR, Sylof, Sylodamp, Sylomer, Sylodyn.