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Manufacturing of self-adhesive materials

Adhesive coating – direct (adhesive supplied from the head) application of hot-melt adhesive to various materials in rolls and “rigid” panels.

The “hot melt” adhesive line is used to manufacture adhesive film and double-sided adhesive tape with hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA).

Coating with thermoreactive adhesive (cooled down before the material is rolled up to eliminate the need to secure it with silicone film or paper) is also available. This adhesive can be thermally reactivated.

Hot melt adhesives compared to solvent-based and water-based adhesives:

With hot melt adhesives, you can form the adhesive film directly on the carrier. This technology does not require drying or curing ovens. Hot melt adhesives are eco-friendly, do not contain volatile substances, and do not contaminate air.

Kleje Hot Melt Polting Rolki
Hot Melt na rolkach

Hot melt adhesives compared to mechanical fastening:

The hot melt technology can successfully replace staples, tapes, screws, bolts, nails, rivets, clips, and numerous other expensive joining technologies to generate savings and improve product appearance.

Hot melt adhesive formulas are designed to join various materials: wood, metals, textiles, nonwovens, and others. They are also used to manufacture laminates (e.g. foams with other materials).